Olympus Thunderbeat for the Kyiv Oblast Perinatal Center

The Eneida Foundation, which has recently donated a very important coagulator Erbe VIO 300D to the Kyiv Regional Perinatal Center, visited us again and once again came bearing gifts!

The Olympus Thunderbeat is an electrosurgical device that will significantly improve our surgery practice. It combines the functions of an electrocoagulator and an ultrasonic knife, making it a unique and powerful tool for a variety of surgical procedures.

Olympus Thunderbeat for the Kyiv Oblast Perinatal Center

Thunderbeat allows a surgeon to make precise movements and control the depth of penetration when cutting tissue.

This is especially important in sensitive areas or when performing intricate surgeries. This tool also reduces trauma to the surrounding tissue during cutting.

Ultrasonic waves cut through tissues without requiring tension or pressure, accurately and quickly cut and remove tissues, reducing trauma to surrounding structures," said Pavlo Shahanov, head of the Gynecological Department with Minimally Invasive Technologies at the Kyiv Regional Perinatal Center, "We are extremely grateful to the Foundation and personally to Marina Hart and Oleg Felshan for this equipment that is so important and significant for us."

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Sincere gratitude to all the employees of The Eneida Foundation for your personal involvement, open hearts and the good that you do every day!

We believe that together we will be able to achieve great success and contribute to the health of the Ukrainian nation. Thanks to The Eneida Foundation

Marim Melnyk Hart Oleh Felshan for your incredible support and help!

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